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The official representative of DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT GmbH in Russia and CIS

International freight forwarder DAKOTRANS

The International freight forwarder DAKOTRANS was registered in Russia in 1991 as a subsidiary of DAKO, the international group of forwarding companies with the main office - DAKO WORLDWIDE TRANSPORT - in Dusseldorf, Germany. Nowadays Group has opened its offices in over twenty five countries throughout the world which makes every type of work feasible with a close eye on quality of work and timelines kept.


The company mostly majors in international multimodal transports of project cargoes, namely industrial machinery and equipment for well-known reputable companies of petrochemical, power-engineering and metallurgic industries. The company also deals with other industries, in particular, where no standard cliche solutions and transportation schemes are applicable to deliver heavy and oversized cargoes and/or where several different modes of transport should be used. Sometimes heavy machinery is required to be installed on a foundation by means of special lifting gear, which also could handled by our company.

Personnel of DAKOTRANS is ready to offer their clients with a wide range of services, including elaboration of concept solutions and alternative routes for their shipments, particularly OOG. Working on projects, company computes cost estimates and issues related technical documentation. If so required, the company also arranges road permits required to haul OOG with a possibility to track down each particular shipment from the very begining till its delivery.

DAKOTRANS experience successfully used in the following realms:
  1. Transportation of metallurgy machinery and equipment.
  2. Transportation of oil, gas and chemical machinery and equipment .
  3. Non-standard equipment to ship and install heavy goods.
  4. Transportation of goods for all power plants, including nuclear projects.
DAKOTRANS renders following services:
  • Estimation of transit time and optimal route;
  • Development of an individual and the most advisable logistics scheme, considering terms and conditions of a contract;
  • Preparation of all required documents (both technical and project);
  • Certification, insurance, licensing upon customer’s request;
  • Handling of Customs documentation, including handling on the urgent basis as per applicable laws;
  • Temporary storage of goods, as well as storage on “Elefant Feet”;
  • Monitoring of goods throughout the route, notifying a Client of his goods' locations, upon a request;
  • DAKOTRANS bears full responsibility for a safe and sound delivery within agreed terms, considering difficulties, obstacles and modes of transport to be used, which means we accept full responsibility for the execution of a contract.

    The list of other additional services, included but not limited to, offers the following:
    dismantling, installing on foundation and assemdlying of heavy machinery, using a unique specific lifting gear.

    We cooperate with a great deal of Russian and foreign partners, including:

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